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Hanna Kroeger Research Institute
Peaceful Meadow Retreat

7075 Valmont Rd
Boulder, Colorado 80301

2017 Class Schedule

Learn the Teachings of the “Grandmother of Health”

This enchanting place was the home of Reverend Hanna Kroeger, herbalist and healer, known throughout the world as the “Grandmother of Health.”  The light that Hanna brought to her work is being carried on in loving care by her daughter Gisela Kroeger Hoffman.

Gisela Kroeger Hoffman and her teaching staff warmly invite you into the life and teachings of Hanna Kroeger. The offerings for the newly created Hanna Kroeger Research Institute, include courses for the beginners in Hanna’s work and extends Hanna’s natural healing classes far beyond what she envisioned 20 years ago. Some of the classes are live and recorded webinars and others are offered only in person at Peaceful Meadow Retreat.

May Class

We have just opened registration for Spring and Summer classes and already they are filling up. Hanna would be happy! She loved the early Springtime when the students started arriving. The constant activity and enthusiasm of the students filled her with energy, as it does us. Come to Boulder this year. Sign up for a life changing retreat today!


Have a fun weekend learning Hanna’s basic 7 physical and 7 spiritual causes of ill health with the delightful Ginger Bowler. Weekend  filled with laughter as we present the healing modalities of Hanna Kroeger, including basic dowsing, body alignment, and cleanses.  $425 price includes Meals and Lodging! Thursday 5pm-Sunday 5pm. Private room rate is $75 more. Commuters $325.00
June 22-25, 2017
November 2-5, 2017


Learn the underlying causes of your physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges using Hanna’s methods. This course teaches you to improve and maintain your health. As you deeply analyze yourself and fellow class members using the Access Hanna software and Help One Another reference book, the underlying causes of your chronic health challenges will be identified in short presentations and active discussions. Perfect for those who are searching for an in-depth understanding of their health issues. $850 price includes Meals and Lodging! Private rooms $75 extra. Prerequisite: Basic Hanna.
June 25-28, 2017
August 6-9, 2017
November 5-8, 2017


You will be the teacher’s aide for this course. Hands-on use of the Access Hanna software in order to become comfortable with navigation. This course is designed to prepare the student in becoming a certified Access Hanna practitioner. $850 price includes Meals and Lodging! Private rooms $75 extra. Prerequisite: Basic Hanna and Heal Thyself-Intensive I.
June 25-28, 2017
August 6-9, 2017
November 5-8, 2017


In this course, Ginger Bowler will delve deeply into the teachings of Hanna’s beautifully crafted herbal combinations, Kroeger Herb Products and her homeopathic products, Hanna’s Herb Shop Vibropathics, as well as the intended use of her energy tools.
And because the true essence of Hanna Kroeger’s work was her overwhelming understanding of the spiritual and energetic nature of all things, we will go deeper into the understanding of energy and the spiritual causes of illness.  As always, there will be emphasis on Hanna’s body alignment techniques as this is such an important part of the work.  $425 price includes Meals and Lodging. Private rooms $75 extra. Commuters $325.  Prerequisite: Hanna Basic.
August 3-6, 2017


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