Peaceful Meadow 2018 Rental Rates

DAY RATES (without lodging and meals)

Access to training room, dining room and grounds:

Day 9-5 $380*

Half day $250

Evening 6–9 $180*

Full day 9-9 $600*

*rates are for groups up to 15 people. Each additional person is $10.


Our retreat can accommodate up to 30 overnight and 50 local guests (without overnight accommodations). Call to discuss details.

Shared room: $65/night per person

Private room: $85/night per person or $140 per couple

**We have an 8 person minimum AND 2 night minimum for lodging. If this minimum is not met, organizers are expected to make up for the difference. Any additional nights of lodging, before and/or after the event, will require a minimum of 8 guests.


Breakfast: $12

Lunch: $19

Dinner: $15

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