Peaceful Meadow Retreat Resources for our Visitors

We always have a lot of activity here at Peaceful Meadow Retreat as many other groups and organizations have discovered us. We have a whole year of LED Light Therapy Certification Retreats, Six Days to Energy Field Fitness Retreats, Yoga Retreats and others being added all the time. And, of course, we always like to fill it with Hanna’s people first! And, that’s you!

Come to Boulder! See you soon, Alberto Kroger
Hanna’s Herb Shop
Hanna’s Herb Shop was started as New Age Foods by the legendary Hanna Kroeger in 1957 in downtown Boulder, Colorado.  We were one of the first health food stores in the country and over 50 years later, we are still proud to make Hanna Kroeger’s products available to the world!

Hanna Kroeger Books
Hanna Kroeger was one of the foremost authorities on herbs, homeopathic remedies and natural healing techniques in the country. Hanna believed that we are all responsible for our own health and that each of us is capable of healing ourselves with the right tools. We believe you will find Hanna’s books a truly valuable resource for you and your family!

Kroeger Herb
In 1978, Kroeger Herb Products was started in Boulder, Colorado, to fulfill a demand for balanced health products that work naturally with the body. Through the effectiveness of our formulas, a reputation for having the finest products grew and so did the company. Today, our products are found in health food stores and practitioner offices internationally.

April Showers
AprilShowers is a local Boulder company created in 2014 by a Colorado native, April Morris. AprilShowers was created to organically change the way we think of body care products. Through this company April is changing the publics view of body care by creating a line of products that contain only all-natural, organic, chemical free ingredients. Treat your body right and choose AprilShowers!

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