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As more and more ideas came to her, she wrote more booklets. She wrote a booklet on tumors and cysts, another on heart problems, another on organ cleansing, and yet another on the use of spices for healing. Louise Hays combined many of the smaller books into two more comprehensive books. Patience was not one of Hanna’s virtues. She would spend hours, weeks, and months cutting out text from magazines or her other books, or scribbling a few pages on scratch paper. She would paste all of these into a notebook and call her friend Greg from Johnson Publishing to pick it up and put into a book. Inevitably, she would call a week later and ask him why he hadn’t delivered her proof yet.

In 1988, she was called into the courthouse by the district attorney again and was threatened with another indictment if she did not quit dowsing and advising people. Hanna decided that it was time to sell the downtown store and move. She moved the store to 57th street (closer to the retreat), and renamed it from New Age Foods to Hanna’s Herb Shop. She also started dowsing people over the telephone and soon she had to have a switch put on the phone line so she could turn it on at 7 AM (after her morning meditation) and shut it off at 7 PM (before her evening meditation). She worked 10 more years healing more people than ever through the phone line.
She died on May 7, 1998, fourteen months after Rudolf passed. She made her transition in the early hours of dawn in her sleep on the day yet another class was arriving. Her room was glowing with a golden light. Three hours after her passing, condolences came in from Japan, Saudi Arabia, Canada, as well as from all over the United States. The world had lost a great healer and a very courageous Being who served God and mankind fully, with great unwavering determination and compassion.

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