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All types of medical tests were done and drugs were ingested, all without success. Soon Hanna and Rudolf had seen all likely professionals in Boulder and Denver and expanded their search world wide. They tried alternative practitioners, ministers, medical experts, psychiatrists, chiropractors, and shamanic healers. They traveled to Europe, South America, Canada, the Philippines, and Mexico to find someone who could help. Diagnoses of lymphoma, leukemia, and schizophrenia, were bandied about and quickly discarded. At one point, when she was 15, she was on her deathbed, and then came out of a coma talking about her near-death experience where Jesus told her that she had to go back to earth to “complete her mission.”

Hanna started reading up on the Salk vaccine and discovered things that only later became common knowledge. She discovered that the polio vaccine was made by injection of the polio virus into the kidneys of Rhesus monkeys. Once the kidneys were inflamed, the pus was extracted to become the basis for the vaccine. In the process of this extraction, many viruses that had never been in human beings before, were extracted as well and never removed. Retro-viruses as well as the Simian 40 virus, a deadly virus that causes brain tumors, were identified many years after the polio vaccine had been injected into millions of people. Even today, it remains in the vaccine supply.

By the time Hanna had discovered the cause of Lisa’s problem and developed some remarkable remedies against them, it was too late to help Lisa whose brain was permanently damaged from the viruses. Lisa became a huge burden for Hanna and her family, but also was the spur that egged Hanna to explore more and more remedies. One remedy that Hanna developed with the help of a Native American medicine woman, Wanita Windwalker, was the X40 Kit. When Magic Johnson announced that he was HIV positive, Hanna sent him a kit with instructions on how to take it.

After Rudolf and Hanna’s deaths, Lisa was lovingly cared for by her eldest brother Klaus. Her trusting, unclouded, and loving gaze also became the impetus that caused many people to embrace every problem that they had as a gift, rather than a curse, from God. She died on September 17, 2009.

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