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It was during the 70’s that she also became a popular speaker at the many new health food and new consciousness shows that were drawing people into natural and spiritual healing. She displayed her books, dowsed people, and gave many talks at conferences all over the country and in Canada. One of her earliest books that became very popular was titled “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.” It outlined her brilliant analysis of the seven physical causes of ill health, which categorizes all diseases into seven sections: It was this analysis together with her identification of the seven spiritual (and emotional) causes of ill health which became the backbone of her work. It also caused her to come up with many herbal and homeopathic remedies to help combat each item in each category.

Many people came to stand in the increasingly longer lines at the store. People flew in from as far away as Japan and Saudi Arabia to get three to five minutes behind the curtain to find out what their underlying problems were. Many people were sent from other sources such as Belva Bloomer who was the secretary to Shirley MacLaine during that time. Belva (with Shirley’s permission) redirected many of the desperate people who wrote Shirley to Hanna for help.
When not in the store, Hanna was at the Retreat teaching classes and developing new herbal remedies. One of her guests was Hulda Clark who later used her chemical knowledge to prove (with much greater detail) that minute amount of chemicals and heavy metals draw parasites, as well as all types of infections including cancer.

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