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One day, she was served with an indictment charging her with practicing medicine without a license. This was a huge shock to her, as she felt that she was acting on the behest of Jesus’ command to heal His people. She hired a lawyer who was obviously not on her side as he tried to maneuver her to plead guilty. She refused and a full-fledged jury trial ensued. It became the talk of the town and people had to come early in order to find seats. Her friends organized protests and walked her through the streets from the store to the courthouse in a long procession of support.

For the trial Hanna dressed in a replica of her nurse’s uniform and confounded the prosecution when she refused to answer any question until she had consulted with God. Her answers to the questions became headlines in the newspapers all over Colorado. When the verdict was finally read (she was convicted of 7 of 12 counts- five counts had been dismissed because the entrapping detective had failed to pay for the herbs she had given him) the whole town was up in arms. The judge called her in and told her that he disagreed with the verdict and asked her to sign a paper saying that she would no longer practice medicine. Since she never considered herself to be practicing medicine in the first place, she had no trouble signing the paper and went back to the store with gratitude.

Back at the store, the trial publicity had made the whole state of Colorado aware of her abilities and now the lines of people waiting to see her wrapped around the block

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